Laifual Education Donation: Promoting Industry-Academia Collaboration for Advanced Precision Transmission

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In today's rapidly advancing technological era, talent cultivation and innovation are crucial for business success. Laifual , as a comprehensive enterprise specializing in advanced precision transmission solutions, recognizes this importance. Recent years, we have continuously strengthened our efforts in nurturing research and development talents.
On March 14, 2024, Laifual ed one million yuan to Chongqing University and signing a contract with the Chongqing University Education Development Foundation for the "Laifual" Scholarship Project. This donation not only demonstrates our commitment to supporting education but also underscores our emphasis on talent cultivation and research and development innovation.
We believe that leveraging the disciplinary advantages of the State Key Laboratory of Mechanical Transmission at Chongqing University and our own mature experience in precision transmission, we can collectively address core scientific issues related to intelligent precision transmission equipment, with harmonic reducers as a representative example. Our goal is to develop high-performance, high-reliability, and long-life precision transmission products tailored to the market. We hope to achieve more original and leading breakthroughs in high-precision intelligent precision transmission and core technology and product development in the future.
Looking back, the year 2023 was extraordinary for us as we established research and development centers equipped with advanced technological equipment and laboratory facilities in three cities. In 2024, we will continue to focus on technological innovation and market demand, striving to provide customers with more competitive products and technologies.

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As a comprehensive, service-oriented enterprise specializing in advanced precision transmission solutions, Laifual independently develop and manufacture high-precision harmonic drive, rotary actuators customized for robot joints, and intricate precision components.
Our factory spans 65,000m², employing first-class product production and inspection equipments. Our production processes are meticulously controlled to uphold impeccable product quality. Utilizing both traditional and fully automated production lines, we achieve an annual production capacity of up to 300,000 units

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