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  • Harmonic Gearbox

    Laifual harmonic drive reducer adopts our newest developed "LS" tooth profile, increasing the load capacity by 15% and temperature rise reduced by 8-10℃, and decreasing gear's fatigue pitting contact area by more than 30%. In general, the harmonic reducer's comprehensive performance has been improved a lot compared to the original "δ" tooth profile. As a professional harmonic drive gearbox manufacturer, Laifual Drive has developed a wide range of harmonic gearbox series, including LSS, LSG, LSN, LSD, LFS, LHT, etc ., covering standard type, large diameter, thin, shorten harmonic drive gearbox.

  • Planetary Gearbox

    Our planetary gearbox reducer is aimed at providing optimal performance solutions for industry partners, like metal cutting and forming, assembly & test automation, packaging and filling, printing and converting, robotics and etc. Our strong product quality foundation drives us to continually expand our technology base and become a reliable planetary gear reducer manufacturer for customers all over the world.

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Why Choose Laifual Drive

Zhejiang Laifual Drive Co., Ltd. is a top brand for harmonic gearbox manufacturer in the world. Our factory has passed the ISO 9001 international quality system certification, which covers an area of up to 30,000 square meters. As one of the professional gearbox suppliers in China, Laifual Drive's main products include harmonic gearbox, planetary gearbox, harmonic actuator. Besides, our products are completely self-developed and custom gear manufacturing is also available. Laifual Drive has been providing professional services to more than 50 countries and has won the general praise of users.

  • 30000
    Total factory is 30,000 square meters
  • 300
    More than 300 employees
  • 30
    Including around 30 R&D Personnel
  • 10
    More than 10 years experience
Strain Wave Gear Applications
Laifual Drive designs and manufactures harmonic gearbox and planetary gearbox for all the industrial areas with competence, innovation, and unique professionalism. As one of the mature gearbox companies in China, Laifual Drive exceeds customer expectations with the highest level of detailed engineering, lean manufacturing, and quality assurance available in the global marketplace. Modularity, accuracy, and performance will allow you to select from the Laifual Drive range. The product can best suit your application and optimize overall design costs. Laifual Drive's products are widely used on robots, automation equipment (CNC equipment, rotation equipment), medical equipment, aerospace and etc.
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