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Food Packaging

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Harmonic Gearbox & Planetary Gearbox in Packaging Food Processing


The food & beverage sector is an industrial area that plays a major role in the world economy, as well as in that of the individual countries. The major companies that manufacture machinery in the field choose to use our gear reducers for their high performance, reliability, easy maintenance, and handling.


The Relationship Between Gearboxes and Food Machinery Industry.

The food industry is another industry Laifual Drive's harmonic and planetary gearboxes can be widely applied in. As the industry is developing towards the direction of high quality, high precision, large-scale and automation, high-end gearboxes that constitute high-end food packaging and processing devices are then naturally becoming more and more important. Good gearboxes, such as high-quality meat grinder gearboxes, can directly exert great influences on the working efficiency, product cost, and product quality of the whole production and packaging line.


The Advantages of Laifual’s Gearboxes in the Food Packaging and Processing Industry

Highly practical, our gearboxes, especially the planetary gears, can adapt to various environments and circumstances of different food machinery devices.

Using a modular design principle, Laifual’s products can be customized freely in accordance with customers’ personal needs regarding parameters like reduction ratios and torques.

With great quality, our gearboxes can function normally even under extreme circumstances.


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