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Machine Gearbox


Why do robots use harmonic reducer but not the ordinary reducer? Because the robot requires small size and high precision. Only the harmonic reducer can reach high precision, small gap, large deceleration ratio, and small size. In line with the needs of small and medium-sized robot flexibility, harmonic and planetary robot gearboxes are typically used on a robotic arm joint.


What is a Machine Gearbox?

The transmission ratio of the harmonic drive reducer in robotics is larger than the ordinary reducer. Since the number of meshing teeth is large, its carrying capacity and transmission are very high; the power range from a few watts to several tens of kilowatts, and it has no impact and noise; The harmonic reducer can achieve a space mechanism for passing motion and power such as sealing harmonic transmission deceleration devices, and drives spatial mechanisms operating in vacuum, corrosion, and other harmful media; in addition to this, harmonic transmission can also be used Implement high-speed speed motion such as hand generators, wind turbines, and convenient implementation of differential transmission.


Application of Laifual Drive Machine Gearbox

As a professional robot gearbox manufacturer, our harmonic and planetary drives in robotics have the advantages of lightweight, free gear gap, high torque capacity, etc. They can be widely used in industrial robots, imitation robots, semiconductor liquid crystal production device, photovoltaic equipment, optical instruments, precision machine tools and other robotic cutting-end areas.

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