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Harmonic Gearbox & Planetary Gearbox in Medical Devices


Laifual Drive's high precision combined with a compact body makes us be the ideal solution provider to the medical industry. As a professional gearbox manufacturer, Laifual Drive wants to produce only reliable and cost-effective medical gearboxes so as to make our future brighter.


The Relationship Between the Medical Industry and Gearboxes

In the past decades, medical devices, such as surgical tables, diagnosing machines, and testing equipment have experienced dramatic changes. And these newly developed materials and medical inventions have not only thoroughly changed the medical industry but have also cast great impacts on the gear industry.


The Harmonic and Planetary Gearboxes in Medical Devices

Today,harmonic gearsandplanetary gearsare widely used in numerous medical devices, including surgical tables, medical diagnostics, and a wide range of gear pumps for medical administration applications. For example, in order to achieve smooth and quiet surgeries, an effective right-angled planetary gearbox is definitely a must. Only in this way, can thea patient beds be perfected adjusted.Moreover, surgical tables are also needed to be equipped with a gear motor that are featured with the characteristics of low voltage and safe, and medical diagnostics need to use the hollow shaft gearbox for power scanning. For instance, devices like MRI & CAT scanning machine all need to employ a retransmission ring to rotate.

As a professionalgearbox manufacturer in China,Laifual Drivecan provide you with various types of harmonic and planetary gearboxes for different kinds of medical devices. Our service team can also help you to choose the most suitable gearbox for your medical equipment. Feel free to contact us.


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