Strain Wave Gear Name Guide

Strain wave gear naming rule
The gearbox number of strain wave reducer is composed of 6 parts:

P roduct series code, special type code, specification code, reduction ratio, structure code and product type code . Each part is connected with .

    1. Product series code

      1. Laifual harmonic gearboxes has 2 categories, o ne series is C up shape strain wave gears , LS series, and the other series is H at shap e strain wave gears , LH series.


    1. Special type code

      1. “ LSS ” stands for standard Cup shape strain wave gears.

      2. “ LHT ” stands for standard Hat shape strain wave gears.

      3. “ N ” stands for light weight strain wave gears.

      4. “ G ” stands for high torque strain wave gears.

      5. “ D ” stands for compact and thin-walled, smaller size strain wave gears.

      6. “ LFS ” stands for ultra-flat strain wave gears. Only Laifual Drive has this type of strain wave gears.


    1. Specification code

      1. The number stands for t he pitch diameter at the meshing point of the flexspline and the circular spline .


Specification code








Pitch diameter








    1. R eduction ratio

      1. Normally, the reduction ration of strain wave gears are 45, 5 0 , 80, 100, 120, 160 . The reduction ratio can be customized according to customer requirements.


    1. S tructure code

      1. U stands for completely unit type, this type is mounted with cross roller bearing.

      2. C stands for component type, just a wave generator, a flex spline and a circular spline, a 3-piece suit.


    1. P roduct type code

      1. I stands for rigid type. The connecting and fixing method of wave generator.

      2. II stands for old-ham coupling type. The connecting and fixing method of wave generator.

      3. III stands for hollow type strain wave gears. A large-diameter hollow shaft hole and support bearings in it, fully sealed structure.

      4. IV stands for input axial type. The wave generator cam comes with input shaft.

      5. V stands for simple combinative type of III type strain wave gears. T his type does not have an upper housing, a lower housing, or deep groove ball bearings, so it is a simplified version of the III type strain wave gearbox .


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