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Aerospace Gearboxes


Harmonic gearbox's reliability and quality make it possible in the defence industry. Using special materials, our defence and aerospace gearboxes have extremely light constructions. We also employ dry lubrication so as to meet the requirements of aerospace and defence purposes.


What are Aerospace Gearboxes?

Aerospace gearboxes are used in aircraft and engine power transmission. The main reducer, intermediate reducer and tail reducer in the helicopter transmission system are used for the power transmission of the aircraft, and the propeller engine reducer and the reducer in the turboshaft engine body are mainly used for the engine power transmission. In addition, it is used as auxiliary transmission for various types of engines and aircraft accessory transmissions.


Why Use Aero Gear for Defense and Aerospace Gearboxes?

Aviation engine and aerospace gearboxes are extremely high applications that require extremely high reliability and tightness tolerances. Whether it is the component for a passenger, a spacecraft or a space probe - all the gearboxes of flying objects have to overcome the tremendous pressure the outside has placed on them. They need to have excellent performance even in air. In addition, they also need to have high positional accuracy and repetition accuracy. Thus, using reliable and light high-performance defence and aerospace gearboxes is then become a must.


Application of Laifual Drive Aerospace Gearboxes

The application of Laifual Drive harmonic drive gearbox in the industry of aerospace and defence industry is greatly varied. For instance, with the characteristics of lightweight, durable and dry-lubricated, our harmonic drive actuators can be widely used in satellites, so as to pioneer the orientation of the solar panels. With years of experience in aerospace, we can also provide you with innovative solutions for different kinds of national and civil aeroplanes.

As one of the professional aerospace gear manufacturers in China, Laifual can offer you high-quality electric motor planetary gearboxes that suit your own needs.


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