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Harmonic Gearbox & Planetary Gearbox in Machine Tools


Laifual Drive also has rich experience in precision motion control solutions.


The Relationship Between Machinery Gears and Machinery Industry

As for the typical tasks of machine devices, such as milling, grinding, drilling and tuning, all of these tasks are closely related to the requirements of high precision, high rigidity and torques. Thus, as for the gearboxes in the machinery industry, their precision is extremely significant. Moreover, since different cases normally hold different needs and demands, custom machinery gearboxes are of great importance so that different machinery needs can be satisfied individually.


The Wide Application of Laifual Machine Gears

Having different types of machine harmonic gears for sale, Laifual produces precision machining planet gear that has the characteristics of low-temperature rise, low starting torque, high reliability, big torque, long lifetime, big speed ratio, small size, etc., our precision machining planet gears can be widely used for precise applications in the machine tool industry.

Gearboxes, such as milling machine gearbox, plastic extruder gearbox, drill machine gearbox, mini lathe gearbox, are all available at here. Contact us now!


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