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Harmonic Gearbox & Planetary Gearbox in Paper Making Equipment


Laifual Drive's products have high durability and precision. Our customized solutions will allow you to obtain top performance and minimize the overall machine costs.


The Relationship Between Power Laifual Drive Gearboxes and Paper Making Industry

The requirements for today's paper making devices are very high, and in order to meet these huge requirements and high expectations, a reliable high-end power transmission gearbox is then indispensable. As a professional power transmission gears manufacturer, Laifual can provide you with different types of power drive gearboxes. No matter you want the gearbox for a spiral or oblique screw design, or a vertical or horizontally mounted position, you can always find the ones you need here.


The Wide Application of Laifual Machine Gears

Capable of dealing with severe duty tasks with high shock loads, Laifual's harmonic speed reducer can be widely applied in the following scenarios: the drive points of the paper machine; the pulps of paper making machines; wet end; paper coating machines,etc. Customization service is also available so as to meet the different needs of our customers.

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