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Laifual has established a significant presence within the Machine Tool industry, garnering a robust customer base globally. Our expertise lies in catering to bespoke, one-of-a-kind projects, each meticulously engineered and designed to meet unique specifications. Leveraging the modularity inherent in our harmonic drives and rotary actuators, Laifual offers unparalleled versatility, ensuring a seamless fit for diverse custom-engineered applications. Our self-developed and self-produced R&D process ensures production capacity, facilitates swift assembly, enabling us to promptly deliver the specified series, frame size, and ratio, with each reducer rigorously tested for performance before system commissioning.

Our extensive range of frame sizes and ratios, readily available for immediate delivery across inline and select right-angle series, effectively addresses inertia matching challenges inherent in turn-key projects. For dial tables, we provide a selection of hollow-bore rotary products and reducers characterized by high torsional rigidity, ideal for various indexing applications. In instances where indexing applications entail lower torque requirements, discerning custom automation assembly houses often option for the Laifual, eschewing traditional competitive products that may be unnecessarily robust and costly for the application at hand.


Laifual boasts a wealth of experience in delivering motion control solutions for a diverse array of projects within this realm, including:

· Scalable, modular assembly processes
· Semi-automated in-process feeding or sampling
· Custom automatic guided vehicles
· In-line or end-of-line functional testing
· Automated welding and positioning systems
· Engineered conveyor systems
· Material transfer, stacking, and palletizing systems
· General automotive assembly-related tasks



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