Exhibition Review — Laifual Showcases Excellent Products and Solutions

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Laifual has performed well at two exhibitions held in Seoul, South Korea, and Shanghai. The two exhibitions are Smart Factory+Automation World 2024 Korea from March 27 to March 29 and China Humanoid Robot Ecology Conference on April 2. Laifual presented the company's cutting-edge products and solutions at the show, which are highly aligned with the theme of the show.

Exhibition Highlights

  • Rotary Actuators : It has the characteristics of small size, high precision and large hollow. The power, deceleration ratio, torque and size of the product can be fully customized to meet the needs of different customers.
  • harmonic drive : This product boasts z ero-backlash, low-temperature rise, low starting torque, high reliability, high load capacity, long lifetime, big speed ratio, small size. It has garnered widespread attention for its outstanding performance in transmission processes.
  • Professional Services: Throughout the exhibitions, industry experts from Laifual were present to answer questions, while business personnel provided tailored solutions for customers. This specialized service received high praise and recognition from clients.

As a comprehensive service-oriented enterprise specializing in advanced precision transmission solutions, Laifual independently develops and manufactures high-precision harmonic drive, customized rotary actuators for robot joints, and intricate precision components. By showcasing these innovative products and solutions, we demonstrated our leading position and professional expertise in the industry.
Laifual's participation attracted widespread attention, drawing numerous customers and attendees to our booth. Throughout the exhibitions, our booth became a focal point in the industry, with customers flocking to inquire and engage. The Laifual team exhibited a professional and responsible attitude, earning the trust and support of clients.

By participating in these two important exhibitions, Laifual not only enhanced its brand visibility but also deepened communication and collaboration with customers. The successful hosting of the exhibitions provided valuable opportunities and platforms for Laifual to expand its market and business. We remain committed to technological innovation and service enhancement, striving to provide customers with even higher quality products and solutions, and collectively driving the development and progress of the industry.

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