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Planetary Gearbox

Planetary Gearbox

Planetary gearboxes can be powered by either electric motors, hydraulic motors, or petrol or diesel combustion engines. The load from the sun gear in transmission is distributed to several sun planet gears which can either be used to drive an outer ring or a shaft or spindle. The central sun gear takes a high-speed, low-torque input. It drives several rotating external gears which increases the torque. The simple design is a highly efficient and effective way of transferring power from a motor to an output. Approximately 97% of the energy input is delivered as an output.

Planetary Gearbox For Sale

Planetary Gearbox Design

Planetary Gear transmission is the most widely used in mechanical transmission, and particularly important - mechanical transmission form. With the increasingly progress of science and technology, speed, carrying capacity of gear transmission, reliability, efficiency, and technical indicators, such as volume, weight, higher requirements are put forward. Planetary gear transmission is developed to meet these requirements.

Planetary gear reducer with three or more of a planet wheel revolve around a center wheel reducer. It has small volume, light weight, high bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency, high precision, speed range is wide, long service life, stable running, low noise advantages.And Planetary gear reducer on the premise of guarantee precision transmission, reduce speed increase torque and the rotational inertia of the load/motor. Therefore, NGW planetary gear reducer is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, lifting transportation machinery and equipment of slowing down.

Application Of Planetary Gearbox

Planetary gear train (PGT) has been widely used in the transmissions of helicopters, automobiles, wind turbine, aircraft engines, etc. The main advantages of this transmission are its high efficiency, its compactness, its large transmission ratio and its large power-to-weight ratio, etc. Planetary gear trains consist of either spur, single-helical or herringbone gears. Compared with single-helical gears, the herringbone gears have significant advantages of higher load carrying capacity, lager total contact ratio and lower axial force. Therefore, the herringbone planetary gear train (HPGT) is also applied to heavy machinery such as coal cutter, aerospace engine, etc. Since the vibration and noise significantly influent the fatigue life and reliability of the gear transmission system, in order to achieve quiet and reliable transmissions, it is of great necessity to construct a dynamic model for the HPGT for the dynamic performance analysis.

What Is A Planetary Gear Set?

A simple planetary gear set is made up of three main components. 

The three components make up a stage within a planetary drive gearbox. For higher ratios, we can offer double or triple stages.

  • 01

    The sun gear that sits in the centre (central gear).

  • 02

    Multiple planet gears.

  • 03

    The ring gear (outer gear).

How does a Planetary Gearbox Work

How does a Planetary Gearbox Work

  • How does a Planetary Gearbox Work

    The arrangement of gears can be compared to our solar system. The planets revolve around the sun, hence the name "planetary gearbox".


    In the middle of the planetary gearbox reducer, there is a "sun" gear-also called the sun gear. This is usually the input gear. On the outside, there are 2 or more "planetary" gears-or external gears. There is a ring gear around the planetary gears, which holds the structure together. The planetary gears are connected by a carrier, which is connected to the output shaft.

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