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lsd 1 strain wave reducer

LSD Shorten Thin Harmonic Gearbox

The LSD series small harmonic drive is a newly developed strain wave gear/drive series based on the LSS series to fulfil the needs of the market. This type of mini harmonic drive only uses a uni-body type wave generator. Compared with the LSS series, the LSD strain wave gearbox is more compact and thin-walled. The size of gearbox LSD is much smaller.

As a professional strain wave reducer manufacturer, Laifual Drive provides strain wave gearboxes that can be widely applied in various scenarios. 

Applications of LSD Strain Wave Gearing: 

  • Industrial robots; 

  • Service robots; 

  • Metal machine tools;

  • Printed circuit manufacturing equipment; 

  • Wood, light metal, plastic machine tools.

Features of LSD Shorten Thin Harmonic Strain Wave Gearbox

  • Super thin, compact

  • Hollow structure

  • High load capacity

  • High position accuracies

Specification of LSD Shorten Thin Harmonic Strain Wave Gearbox

Rated Parameter Table of LSD Series Shorten Thin Harmonic Strain Wave Gearbox

ModelReduction ratioRated torque at 2000r/min inputPermissible peak torque at start and stopPermissible maximum value for average load torquePermissible maximum momentary torquePermissible maximum input rotational speed(grease)Permissible average input rotational speed(grease)BacklashDesign life
NmKgfmNmKgfmNmKgfmNmKgfmr/minr/minArc secHour

Combinative Structure of LSD Shorten Thin Harmonic Strain Wave Gearbox

Combinative Structure Of Strain Wave Gearbox

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