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LHD Shorten Thin Harmonic Gearbox
LHD Shorten Thin Harmonic Gearbox

LHD Shorten Thin Harmonic Gearbox

LHD series's flex spline is a flanging ultra-short tube structure. The connection can be fixing the circular spline, flex spline as output; or fixing flex spline, circular spline as output. Without changing products' performance, LHD-I's axial length shortens 50%, LHD-III shortens 15%.

Application of this kind of strain wave reducer:

  • Industrial robots; 

  • Humanoid robots;

  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment;

  • FPD manufacturing equipment;

  • Space equipment.

Features of LHD Shorten Thin Harmonic Gearbox

  • Super flat shape

  • Hollow structure

  • High positioning accuracy

  • Light weight

  • Two versions-hollow type(LHD-III) and simple unit type(LHD-I)

Specification of LHD Shorten Thin Harmonic Gearbox

Rated parametertable of LHD Harmonic Gearbox

ModelReduction ratioRated torque at 2000r/min inputPermissible peak torque at start and stopPermissible maximum value for average load torquePermissible maximum momentary torquePermissible maximum input rotational speed(grease)Permissible average input rotational speed(grease)BacklashDesign life
NmKgfmNmKgfmNmKgfmNmKgfmr/minr/minArc secHour

Combinative structure of LHD Harmonic Gearbox

Combinative Structure Of Harmonic Gearbox

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