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We know how important fast response and uptime are to you. Laifual Drive serves as your back-up resource when response time is critical.

Count on the Laifual product service team to provide assistance when you need it most. We provide support for our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact information: service@laifual.com


Regulations of the warranty period and warranty scope of Laifual Drive as bellows:

Warranty period:

The warranty period is the earlier time between one year after delivery or working time of 2000 hours on condition that it is used in normal assembly state and lubrication condition recorded in product content.

Warranty Scope:

As a harmonic drive company, Laifual Drive is responsible for the maintenance or replacement of the product when malfunction resulting from a manufacturing defect under the warranty period. However, the following situations are out of warranty scope.

  • Damage results from the unsuitable operation or illegal use by clients.

  • Damage results from modification or repair that is not carried out by our company.

  • Damage not caused by the product.

  • Damage results from natural disasters and the like but not the responsibility of our company.

What's more, the warranty mentioned here is only for our products.

Other loss caused by damage to the product and related man-hour and cost of assembly and disassembly of equipment is out of the scope of our company's responsibilities.

The expenses and losses mentioned below are not included in the warranty.

  • The transport charges for repairing of our products.

  • The fee for the removal operation, re-installation, and other related operations in case our product is installed on other machines.

  • The loss of the chances of use and indirect damages caused by the interruption of the services caused by our product’s defects.

  • All other secondary expenses and losses.