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How to Solve the Noise Problem of Harmonic Gearbox

First of all, we all know that there will be noise in the gearbox and relevant qualified decibels. Noise is mainly caused by friction, vibration and collision of transmission gears. How do we effectively reduce noise? What problems should we pay attention to in the process of using? This paper introduces the contents of noise maintenance of harmonic gearbox.

1. Timely lubrication and proper use of oil products for the harmonic gearbox

Unreasonable lubrication and wrong use of grease will cause immeasurable damage to harmonic gearbox. When the speed is high, the friction of gear tooth surface will produce a lot of heat energy. If the lubrication is improper, it will lead to the damage of gear teeth, affect the accuracy and increase the noise. Appropriate clearance (clearance between non-working surfaces of meshing gear teeth to compensate for thermal deformation and store grease) is required in the design. Proper use and selection of lubricating grease can ensure the safe and effective operation of the system, delay the deterioration trend and stabilize the noise level.

2. Correct usage of the harmonic gearbox

Proper use of harmonic gearbox can avoid the damage of components and ensure stable noise level. Harmonic gearbox noise will increase with the increase of load, so it should be used in normal load range.

3. Regular maintenance of the harmonic gearbox

You should change oil, replace worn parts, loose fasteners and remove internal sundries regularly. The harmonic gearbox cleaning and maintenance machine can realize the functions of cleaning harmonic gearbox, quickly filtering waste oil and filling new oil by using the original oil supply and discharge system of harmonic gearbox and the filtered old oil. Hardware facilities are not changed and cleaning agents are not added in the operation process, thus ensuring the safe operation of the harmonic gearbox and prolonging the service life. You should also adjust the clearance of each component to the standard value and verify the geometric accuracy.

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