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How to Control the Noise of the Gear Reducer?

The harmonic gear reducer has an obvious limitation, which is the noise problem of the harmonic gear reducer, and the reason for the noise of the harmonic gear reducer. It can be attributed to the load and vibration frequency, gear friction and bearing rotation. If you want to prevent or reduce the noise of the gear, you can start from these aspects.

1. Load of harmonic gear reducer

The noise generated by the load is mainly based on the production of the gear. For the production product, the selection of the required gear needs to be determined according to the production weight that the product can bear. The required weight of the gear can be determined according to different products. Proper replacement is made to avoid the noise caused by the harmonic gear reducer, which cannot bear the corresponding weight in the process.

2. The frequency of vibration of the harmonic gear reducer

The friction speed between some of the gears is fast, which is easy to cause the vibration speed to be too fast and generate corresponding noise. Therefore, in the design of the gears, it is necessary to combine the movement speed of the gears, that is, within a certain period of time, it is stipulated that it needs to run. the number of weeks, rather than letting it spin too fast.

3. Gear friction of harmonic gear reducer

When selecting gears, you can choose gears with smooth appearance as much as possible. It should be remembered that it is necessary to avoid choosing gears with rough appearance and large friction force as much as possible. You can also add lubricants to the gears. . Improve gear key operation.

4. Bearing motion of harmonic gear reducer

Not only the designer's design of the gear bearing is required, but also the inspector, the supervision and requirements for the number of gear bearing cycles, and the designer's design of the gear bearing to ensure that it can withstand the errors that need to be endured in the harmonic gear reducer, and in the design gear, the predicted possible existence of design defects within a certain reasonable range.

With years of R&D experience, Laifual has made breakthroughs in many special properties. Our high-precision harmonic reducers have the characteristics of low temperature rise, low starting torque, high reliability, large torque, long life, large speed ratio, and small size, which can be widely used in industrial robots, service robots, medical equipment, etc. , high-precision automation equipment, etc. We sincerely provide satisfied and diversified custom design services to all our valued customers. If necessary, welcome to consult.

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