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How to Choose Planetary Gearbox

Many users may not be so unfamiliar with planetary gearboxes, because at present, many enterprises need to use them when processing and producing. Before usage, we should make clear the specific principle and structure of planetary gearboxes. With the increasing market demand, there are many kinds of planetary gearboxes on the market at present. For some inexperienced people, they don't know how to choose.

Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the selection skills of planetary gearboxes in order to ensure the selection of a suitable planetary gearbox. Only by mastering specific skills can we ensure the overall effect.

1. How to Choose the Planetary Gearbox

When choosing a planetary gearbox, you should consider the operating parameters, including the peripheral speed of planetary gearbox tooth transmission, the speed of input shaft, the corresponding working environment and forward and reverse operation.

In addition, the specific reduction ratio should be determined. You should be clear about the specific calculation formula, because only when the calculation formula is correct, can you ensure the correctness of the calculation result when you carry out the calculation. Of course, you should also fully consider whether the motor is overloaded. If the motor is overloaded, you should choose the planetary gearbox with larger load capacity. After that, you should consider the return clearance. Usually, the smaller the clearance, the higher the accuracy and the higher the cost. For the majority of users, when selecting planetary gearboxes, the accuracy requirements should be met and the average service life should also be considered. In the whole installation process, you should improve reliability and reduce errors.

2. Characteristics of Planetary Gearbox

Compared with other precision reducers, planetary gearbox has the characteristics of high rigidity, high precision and high transmission efficiency. When equipment failure occurs, the maintenance is more convenient. When it is installed on a stepping motor, it can not only reduce the rotating speed, but also increase the torque and configure inertia. At the same time, you should analyze the specific structure. In case of equipment failure, you should specify the specific solutions. Usually, the corresponding solutions will be different for different faults. Therefore, when choosing a planetary gearbox, you should consider comprehensively. Here, Laifual Drive manufactures high quality planetary reduction drives for you.

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